The Coding Specialist’s accurate, efficient and compliant coding solutions increases the productivity of your medical coding team as well as the quality of coded documents to help you manage your clinic, or facility, i.e., DNFB (Discharged, Not Final Billed) with fewer denials and higher revenue outcomes. By supplementing your internal coding services, streamlining coding processes or optimizing your Health Information Management department, we support your team with our experience, skills, processes and technology. We strive to continuously improve the quality of your coding and hence your revenue cycle while optimizing revenue capture and reimbursement.

We augment your coding processes to help you achieve:
  • 100% compliance with CMS regulations, as well as AHIMA and AAPC coding ethics and facility-specific guidelines
  • 100% quality control for each coder assigned to the account, with a 96% or greater accuracy
  • Consistent, accurate, complete and compliant coding
  • Weekly quality reports and routine client calls to discuss productivity and quality
  • Streamlined ICD-10 transition capabilities
  • We document coder accuracy and productivity in daily/weekly productivity TCS Quality Track® reporting, of which results are made available to our clients at any time upon their request.

OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: Physician, Surgical, Interventional Cardiology, Radiology and Hospital Coding.
  • Drs. Meyer & Meyer have 30 years of experience each in the healthcare industry, and personally train their coders and monitor all coding activities.
  • We assist you in avoiding costly errors and reduce denials, appeals and inappropriate payments.
  • We focusing not only on coding accuracy, but on process, to assist you in improving coding operations.
  • We provide executive summaries and training sessions of coding results for provider education and learning.
  • We are compliant with CMS, HIPAA, HITECH Act data security mandates.

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