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Our AHIMA, AAPC certified medical coders can assist with your overflow work load, or your outsourced business processes. Our AHIMA, AAPC medical auditors can assist you with optimizing your reimbursement and regulatory compliance. Let us help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your coding, documentation, billing, reimbursement and compliance and deliver to you in an outcomes report opportunities for performance improvement. Once areas of opportunity for improvement are identified, we are able to customize coding and system training for providers and coders alike to improve your reimbursement compliance scores.

Client Services:

  • Primary medical coding services for physicians, outpatient and inpatient facilities.
  • Medical Documentation, Coding and CCI audit and review services for physicians and other professional medical providers and payers.
  • MS-DRG audit and review services, i.e., Inpatient PPS Reviews identify coding compliance, reimbursement, and RAC pre-emptive issues through retrospective, concurrent or ongoing (pre-bill) programs.
  • APC - OPPS audit and review services of CPT/HCPCS and select CDM codes as they relate to APC and OPPS payments.
  • Charge Description Master review, recommendations and maintenance.

Client Deliverables Include:

  • Primary coding, volume and quality client expectations met.
  • Detailed Reports (i.e. statistics results, financial impact)
  • Comparative analysis to previous reviews (when available and requested) – database maintained for each client of all reviews for tracking and comparison, future research needs
  • Physician documentation issues – in accordance with Official Physician Query Policies as recognized by QIO’s
  • MS-DRG statistical review and recommendations
  • APC statistical review and recommendations
  • Data base analysis with customized reports and statistics created upon request

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